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Making Navigable VRs

1 min read

In pursuit of novelty out-of-classroom teaching methods, Photosynth is a product from Microsoft research which allows you to stitch panoramas into immerse VRs - see below. ( or click here if all you see is a blank space).

The synth above is to be part of a lesson on the environmental impact of energy generation. A GoogleForm will host the questions related to the individual synth and will allow me to collate the pupil responses electronically. Although a glorified picture of the area, hopefully it will add a little novelty to the work.

There is a free and easy to use mobile app which allows you to directly make the synths on your iOS device or Windows phone (see screenshot below, but you can take higher resolution synths with a regular camera and stitch them together online.


If you want any more info or have any ideas, you can tweet me.