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Make a Thermogram without an IR Camera

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Here we have a look at a SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper (but very low resolution) way to create thermograms.


When teaching heat transfer mechanisms to my GCSE class, I wanted to get the pupils to make their own thermograms and to learn about how these images are rendered. Using the setup above (with hot water), an IR thermometer and a couple of conditionally formatted spreadsheets, the pupils are able to create very low resolution thermograms.

Using the Infrared thermometer, the pupils take the temperature through each of the grid cells, the numerical data are input in to one spreadsheet:.


Conditional formatting in the workbook allows you to create a heat-map colour scale from the temperatures.


An additional teaching point here could be to show the differences in resolution by moving the grid different distances from the objects.

If you want any more info or have any ideas, you can tweet me.