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Audio Feedback: Mobile

2 min read

Last week I blogged over on about providing marking for my students via an audio file which they listen to and address the comments I make. 

As I mentioned in the blog post, I tend to use Audacity on my computer to record and distribute the feedback through Google Drive. However, with the increasing ubiquity of smart phones and tablets, there are more teachers who have access to these mobile devices in school over computers. There are many different audio recording solutions on the various app stores, but the following two stand out for having dropbox/Google Drive functionality and various file format exports. I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies, but I thought a few suggestions would be useful.

iOS - Voice Record Pro, by Dayana Networks LTD.

The built in memo recorder in iOS can be a little temperamental, so this app has numerous export options in terms of destination and format. It is currently available on the UK and US iTunes Store for free, direct link is here.

Android - Smart Voice Recorder, by SmartMob.

As with the iOS option, this comes with a dropbox export option for your to easily transfer your audio files from your device to the pupil. This app is free on Google Play and its direct link is here.